Oberst ROTKILL
I.Gruppe Deputy Executive Officer




Awards For This Unit:

Welcome to the KG 26 I Gruppe'S Unit page!

Last updated 0326 EST July 18th, 2011 GeneralMajor: Mölders

Currently KG 26 I Gruppe is comprised of 2 Active officers. 1 GeneralMajor and 1 xxo. Standing strong against all Allied incurstions. The men of I gruppe will prevail as usual.we men of the 26.Igruppe will always kill the allies and will never stop till there is not 1 faf or raf plane left in the skys!!!

KG26 I Gruppe is a Tatical Bomber Gruppe in direct support of the Axis High Command. KG 26 I Gruppe has truly become the One stop shopping point for all of the Armee's Air Power Needs. You need it we will bring it and bring it hard. ------- FLY HARD OR GO THE HELL HOME --------

CO: Mölders Kommandeur der I.Gruppe email: sinferis@yahoo.com XXO: ///


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