Generalleutnant RONPAUL
26.Kampfgeschwader Commander





The two planes that you see are the main aeroplanes that the 26KG will use. We are a Bomber Division and focus on disrupting Allied Supply. The Fighter Divisions will fly escort. S! Generalleutnant Steinhoff

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Awards For This Unit:

Team Speak 4-2

The only thing we feel when we kill is the recoil

Historically and currently, the Kampfgeschwader Commander is the highest level of command for the tactical application of lethal force and the lowest command level of strategic application of air power. Kampfgeschwader Commanders are assigned sectors of operation to offer air power to the support ground element in contact or provide strategic effects as directed by higher authority. Kampfgeschwaders are mainly Bomber units, but will revert to the use of fighters if neccesary.

Officers of the 26th KG I take liberty in commending you for your loyalty and duty. Our war fighting leadership is without measure. During the last war fight, our unit training in the use of before take-off checks, pre- mission planning, actions on the objective and team tactics has increased our lethality and enhanced our overall survivability rate. Very Very Good... Training guidance: We support the Heer Commanders with Aviation Close Fires. I challenge you now in a new task and purpose to train the elements we provide fires for. Task 1001 Attack Team Check-In Upon making initial radio contact with the supported ground maneuver unit, the attack team leader executes a ATTACK TEAM CHECK-IN. 1. Aircraft Position and Estimated Time of Arrival 2. Attack Team Composition 3. Munitions Available 4. Station Time Task 1002 Aviation Close Attack Coordination Checklist After Attack Team Check-in, the supported ground maneuver unit commander or designated representative will be required to update Luftwaffe forces of the following war fight information: 1. Current Enemy Situation 2. Specific Target Identification 3. Friendly Scheme of Maneuver 4. Friendly SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense) Attack Team Leader then coordinates with the ground maneuver unit commander or designated representative the following: 5. Attack Team Scheme of Maneuver 6. Planned Engagement Area and Kill Zones 7. Method of Target Marking 8. Target Priorities and Intel Updates Task 1003 Request For Immediate Aviation Close Fires Time is the constraining factor for coordinating an aviation hasty attack. Ground maneuver unit commanders must be prepared to hand off aviation support to a leader near with observation into or control of elements in contact. 1. Friendly Location (Individual Requesting) 2. Heading to Target (Magnetic) 3. Distance to Target 4. Target Description 5. Target Location by Icon or Lat/Long 6. Target Marking Method 7. Remarks: A. Hazards B. Restrictions C. ADA Threats D. Clearance for Fires or Shifting of Fires Using the above three formats will standardize our method of engagement and method of fire control to provide controlled and accurate fires on target and survive the fight. cw4bower KG26 CO


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