Oberst SAMUEL02
2.Gruppe OiC Executive Officer




Welcome to the 2nd Gruppe of the 1st Fallschirmjager Division Unit Page!

1st Division, 2nd Gruppe CO: Major General Rommel9

1st Division, 2nd Gruppe XO: N/A

Welcome to the unit page for 1st Fallschirmjager Division, 2nd Gruppe, lead by Major General Rommel9. As Soldaten of the elite Fallschirmjager, we take on those challenges that are too much for the basic infantry of the Wehrmacht. Our missions range from the sabotaging of enemy factories and firebases, to the simple yet effective mass drop on an enemy held town in need of liberating. We are the elite. We are the unstoppable. We are the worst nightmare of the Allied forces. We are the Fallschirmjager. FJ LEAD THE WAY!

Awards For This Unit:

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