Officers, please remember that as officers we are to participate in the forums, communicate with the playerbase and perform c functions when in game. This means taking OIC of units on the field and helping the hogher ranking officers with attacks (setup first), special missions and any other duties. If you need anything, please send me an email or find me in game. I am there often. Remember that our goals are to win and to help the players have fun.

Message from the CO: With the advent of version 1.31, many things are gonna change and every Officer will have to do, as always, his best to hold and push the front line further West. More than ever, FBs will be vital. Check 1.3Pd FBs whenever you log in and keep them Axis when it's possible. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

Awards For This Unit:


  • 505th Pz Battallion http://www.505thpanzer.com/phpBB3/


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