Generalmajor CPTKUHN
1.Kampfgruppe Commander

1.Kampfgruppe Executive Officer




Awards For This Unit:


  • wolfsrdl
  • The Dirty Dozenz
  • 24th Panzer Brigade

  • The Dirty Dozenz: A squad based in the United States and Canada, but with a dedicated Australian and New Zealand unit. Members are active and the squad has 6 active OKW officers (armeekorp CO, Division CO, Division XXO, and 2 KG CO's along with a Reserve officer (who is a returning div level plus officer)) They also have a retired CinC in Stafnbrg. CO: Badmans XO: Loonie XXO: Jakal Unit 1 CO: Wildhund Unit 2 CO: Dasspeil (Australian and NZ force) Airwing CO: Knight29 Channels: 65

    24th Panzer Brigade: A squad based in the United States and Europe. A dedicated and active squad, mainly in the Euro and US prime times. Squad members are active on the field of battle and are seen towing guns and driving troops to the front. CO: Meryk www.24panzerbrigade.com


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