Generaloberst FSJR02
6.Armee Commander

  General der Truppe XSPIERS
6.Armee Executive Officer





Awards For This Unit:

Fellow Officers of 6.Armee, S!; General Orders for Heer/6.Armee: 1) Always remember "HOME FIRST!" 2) Place smart AO's; Try to attack whole divisions where we are stronger. Don't let up. Pound them into the stone age. 3) Keep up with the communications. Contact squad leaders for major attacks. Get everyone involved to make it fun for the playerbase. 4) Rotate flags for major attacks. Keep HQ's and armored flags off the front as much as possible. 5) FBs are the key to our success!

Congrats to Itsbrad and Vozz on their recent promotions!

Time to use our strongest tools as 6th armee! Early EWS detection, defensive MSPs, and atgs are key in breaking zergs. Keep towing guns around, thats far better then panzers :D


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