Awards For This Unit:

S! Allow me to welcome you to the pride of the 1.Angriffsdivision. The 8.Zerstorerflottille has been home to some of the greatest players to ever step foot, fly and sail on the battlefield. Within 1.AD 8.ZF you will fight beside the best the Kriegsmarine has to offer. Every officer and squad under the 8.ZF is trained and experienced in combat, whether it be on the land, in air, or on the sea. Every officer within the 8.ZF and the KM in general, is held to the highest standards and are expected to "lead by example." Whether you are choosing to become an officer of the KM or just wish to play in a DD, enjoying yourself is what it is all about. I look forward to serving aside all of you on the battlefield. At your convenience and service, I remain utcloud~~ Kommodore der Kriegsmarine Kommandeur der 8.Zerstorerflotille

We will take NO PRISONERS.

We will always strive towards duty with honor, and teach our staff accordingly to continue the tradition. Our purpose is to serve the players and CRS, while enjoying ourselves and creating new relationships.

KM Channel = 30 Tune it, know it, teach it. Always work with our affiliated squads and ensure that your future officers and/or subordinates do the same. Put them above your own needs, and teach them the way of our glorious Kriegsmarine.




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