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ZOC 1st Class

Squad ZOC. Must receive 2 2nd class.

33id special mention on 51st campaign

On camp51 33.ID defended the North agaisnt any chance, they made the break that turned the campaign, captured Antwerp, got the Zeelands, broke at North getting Ramsgate, inveded the British Islands and next invaded the mainland again on axis D-DAY.

Iron Cross 3rd Class (Heer Issue)

Awarded to a Heer Officer for her/his efforts in game. 3rd Class designation refers to efforts like helping the new players rank up, always helping the other branches, always respectful to others. This award can be issued by Korps level up.

12. Armee Dienst und Auszeichnung Verdienen

This medal was awarded by 12. Armee Commanding Officer Jacubeck on this day, September 3, 2004, to all of 12. Armee "For their dedication support and all around excellance as one team since its inception".

Northern Defense

This Meritorious Unit Citation was awarded to all members of the 10th Panzer Division on June 29, 2003, for proudly defending the Northern Front.

Blitz Assault

This medal was awarded for actions occurring between March 27-31, 2003. This award is for the teamwork, effort and dedication to overcome any and all enemy forces standing in the AO of XXIII Korps.

German Defense

This medal was awarded on March 23, 2003, for valor, bravery, leadership and dedication to service in defense of the Fatherland.


Engineer Award - Awarded to a player or officer who has dedicated their time conducting operations to assault enemy FBs, assault Bridges and sabotage missions behind enemy lines.

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