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    (SPANISH) Bienvenidos al Squad de panzers pesados, de habla hispana, especializado en cazar carros de combate enemigos. Aqui aprenderas la utilizaciĆ³n, formaciĆ³n y toda tecnica para crear emboscadas, con la unica finalidad de que tu precioso Panzer, quede indemne y veas arder a tu enemigo. Como somos veteranos de la gran guerra y ahora nos ha tocado esta... Sabemos que no siempre dispondremos de Panzers, por ello estamos entrenando un grupo especializado, para utilizar ATRs, Sapers, ATs y AAs. (Lo importante es ver arder a tu enemigo acorazado) Queremos rendir homenaje a todos los combatientes de la 2 Guerra mundial, en especial a nuestro camarada Kurt Knispel, heroe de la Abt. 503, consiguiendo 162 victoires

    (English) Welcome to the spanish speaking heavy panzers squad. Specialist in enemy tanks hunting. With training and fellowship you will be able to make ambushes, with the purpose of saving your precious panzer and see your enemy tank burning in flames. As Great War veterans now is the time to fight in this big battle, but panzers are not available every time so we are training a specialized group to fight with ATGs, ATRs, Sappers & AAGs. (The only inportant thing is seeing your armoured enemy burning) We want to pay tribute to all the WWII fighters, especially to our comrade Kurt Knispel, hero from 503 Pz-abt who obtained 162 victories.

    The Armored Kampfgruppe, whether striking from afar or spearheading an assault, we truely strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.

    The 2nd Panzer Division was created in 1935, and stationed in Austria after the Anschluss. It participated in the campaigns in Poland (1939) and France (1940), and then returned to Poland for occupation duties (1940-1941). It took part in the Balkans campaign (1941) and then transferred to the Russian Front in September 1941. It fought with Army Group Center in the battles of Moscow (1941) and Kursk (1943). After heavy losses on the Russian Front it was sent to France for rehabilitation (1944). It fought in Normandy and was almost completely destroyed in the Falaise Pocket (1944). It was rebuilt once more and fought in the Battle of the Bulge (1944) and in the defense of the Rhine (1945), surrendering to the Americans at war's end.

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