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Heer 10
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Kriegsmarine 30
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XIX. ArmeeKorps consists of the following Divisions and Brigades:

1.Panzer-Division (1pzd)
1.Kampfruppe-Infantry (1pdkg1)
2.Kampfruppe-Infantry (1pdkg2)
3.Kampfruppe-Armoured (1pdkg3)

27.Infanterie-Division (27id)
1.Kampfruppe-Infantry (27idkg1)
2.Kampfruppe-Infantry (27idkg2)
3.Kampfruppe-Armoured (27idkg3)

XIX Armeekorps
By Miha Grcar
XIX Armeekorps was raised in Wehrkreis XVII on 1 July 1939. It was set as a non-territorial Korps with the Wien as their Headquarters city. With the Campaign in Poland imminant the Korps was renaimed “Fortification Staff Pomerania” which was just a cover up for the enemy intelligence. The Fortification Staff was supposed to superwise the building of defence positions on the German-Polish border. It received command of the 2. Infanterie-Division (mot), 20. Infanterie-Division (mot) and 3. Panzer-Division on 22 August 1939. The Korps was a part of the 4. Armee. As it moved into position on 31 August 1939 they had the II Armeekorps on their right wing (south) and some frontier defence units with 10. Panzer-Division on their left wing (north).

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XIX.Armeekorps was a German Army during World War II who participated in the invasion of Poland and the invasion of France. In June 1940 renamed Army Corps of the Armor Group Guderian and held on.

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