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Kampfgeschwader 53 "Legion Condor" was a Luftwaffe bomber wing during World War II . Its units participated on all of the fronts in the European Theatre until it was disbanded in May 1945. It operated three of the major German bomber types: the Dornier Do 17, Heinkel He 111 and the Junkers Ju 88.


- Find priority one target of Heer and Kriegsmarine.
- Per RO and MAP OIC orders, plan op(s) to help as needed.
- Playerbase/HC communicaton are key to success.
- Direct supply of the Bomber Wing with new or delayed equipment.
- Direct, unhindered liaison between the operational units and the upper leadership.
- Evaluation of tactical and technical experiences of the operational units.
- Proposals for the organization of systems for fighter control during an operation.
- Supervision of training, especially operational training.
- Recommendations for awards and medals, both playerbase and fellow HC.

Be sure to tune Command Channels:

Heer Operations = 10
Luftwaffe Operations = 20
Kriegsmarine Operations = 30


The "Legion Condor" cuff title was authorized for this unit 12 June 1939 in reference to the Luftwaffe soldiers who fought in the Spanish Civil War.

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"The future battle on the ground will be preceded by battle in the air. This will determine which of the contestants has to suffer operational and tactical disadvantages and be forced throughout the battle into adopting compromise solutions."

General Erwin Rommel

"He who wants to protect everything, protects nothing,"

General Adolf Galland

Unit Wartime Service:


The Geschwader was initially put on "standby" in western Germany, inase of an Allied offensive. As a result, most of its Gruppen did not see action in the campaign. I./KG 53 was put under the command of Luftflotte 1. It had a strength of 31 He 111s, all serviceable. It was committed from the first day, but on 6 September it was moved to Luftflotte 4. The Gruppe lost only 1 aircraft in the campaign.

France and the Low Countries

I./KG 53 flew support missions against supply and rail targets in the Reims area. Later targets in Abbeville, Amiens, Rouen and Arras were attacked. I./KG 53 recorded zero losses in the first two days. II./KG had 36 He 111s on strength and participated at the Sedan breakthrough, attacking targets around Lille, and supported I./KG 53.

Battle of Britain

Assigned to Luftflotte 2 I./KG 54 was relocated to Wevelgem, Belgium on 1 July 1940. It carried out operations over Britain until 11 May. It remained inactive until 18 June when it was withdrawn to Poland. II./KG 53 continued until the same date. Its targets included night attacks against RAF Fighter Commands airfields, most in East Anglia. III./KG 53 continued to support the other Gruppen, all of which were involved in the 15 September raid.


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SPYR0X, Kommandeur der II.Gruppe
05 February 2009


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