Awards For This Unit:


  • Regia Aeronautica
  • KSK
  • Bose26
  • Angels of Attack

  • how to find KG26 St.G 3 all you need to do is find me (gladio) and let me know what is needed and we will help you and bring the enemy down using tactics that our unit is trained for.

    what we do: KG26 St.G 3's job is to: seek out the enemy and provide recon jobs. Destroy:to elimiate enemy ground and air targets. to protect RDP raids and to protect and escort our bombers to the target and never leave the fight no mater how out numbered we are.

    If you would like to be trained to the KG26. KG. II Stukageschwader level contact me (maherj86) and I will enroll you into IKW warcollage and you will be trained in a range of different skills from leadership to flight skills

    EVENTS All KG26 II St.G members need to be At the LW meeting Every Thursday starting at 9pm EST all officers must attend Starting June 12 2008

    Our job is to Seek, destroy and protect


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