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I.Gruppe Commander




!S The Luftwaffe, the most formidable airpower in the World, welcomes you! We are currently seeking more dedicated Piloten and Offiziere to fill our ranks! If you have what it takes, join the fight and follow us to certain victory and everlasting glory!

The OKA needs more dedicated leaders! The HC may not be what you think. It is a very fun and rewarding position to be in. You get to work along side our other Offiziere and help plan and execute strategic and tactical plans! Your knowledge and skills will finally be brought into the light to serve the Axis player base and help your team achieve victory! If you are interested in this and would like to sign up, visit the Axis Command page, and click on the OCS Pages section and submit your application! We hope to see you soon and look forward to working with you. If you have any questions/comments feel free to pm me from the forum sections or ingame!

3. Jagdgeschwader I. Gruppe is one of the Luftwaffe's powerful air brigades. It primarily consists of fighters like the bf109 variants. However, we also have Stuka dive bombers to wreak havoc upon enemy ground forces. 3.Jg I. Gruppe often participates in airsuperiority fighter sweeps and airstrikes. Be sure to keep you eyes open in game for pilot requests and calls to arms! Don't miss out on our fun missions and operations! You will find that on a 3.Jg. I. Gruppe operation, that it often turns into an Allied turkey shoot. Join the fun and keep sending the RAF and FAF to meet the earth in flames!

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If any present squads or forming squads would like to work along side 3.Jg.I.Gruppe operations, feel free to pm "blackbaron" from the forums. We hope to see more squads working along side the Luftwaffe Command for better organization and coordination of our air operations. Squads play a major role in achieving victory for Axis! We need the help of dedicated Axis players like you to further our effectiveness on the Battlefield!


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