Individual Awards

Kommandeur der 3.Panzer-Division

OCS Badge
This award is presented to all graduates of the IKW OCS School.
Issued by LAFLEUR on 31 Mar 2020
OIC Combat Bar (bronze)
Awarded to a player or officer that has dedicated his/her time to lead the playerbase. This award is given to those that have been noticed on more than 5 occasions taking OIC duty.
Issued by SIDEOUT on 29 Oct 2020
Axis Teamsters Union
Awarded by the OKW to members of the Axis Teamsters Union for their efforts given for the good of the team by keeping their armies well equipped.
Issued by SIDEOUT on 06 Nov 2020
Luftwaffe Fighter Badge (Silver)
This badge is awarded to fighter pilots who have performed valiantly in the area of air superiority. A minimum of three hundred fighter sorties must be performed in two campaigns to qualify for this badge. Bronze LFB is a Prerequisite.
Issued by SIDEOUT on 05 Feb 2021
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