Individual Awards

Chef des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht

OBC Badge
This award is presented to all officers who have completed the IKW War Academy OBC training.
Issued by AXEINC on 01 Sep 2015
Most Valuable Officer
Awarded to the Officer deemed most valuable during a campaign. A vote held determines the officer chosen. This medal is only awarded by the AXIS CinC. This medal is a highly regarded medal of honor.
Issued by AXEINC on 10 Oct 2015
OAC Heer MAP Strategy and Movement Course
This award is presented to all officers who have completed the Heer Officers Advanced Course on Map Movement and Strategy.
Issued by ACTEC23 on 16 Oct 2015
Merit Star
Awarded to an officer or player that has shown meritorious service to the Axis Side. This can be from gaurding a bunker, running supply, ht/opel driver ... This award is highly regarded and the recipient of this is held in the highest respect by OKA.
Issued by GUTERTOD on 21 Oct 2015
OKW Bluestar (Team Effort Award)
This award is issed to individual officers that show continued team effort. An Officer that goes above and beyond the call getting things team orientated shall be eligible. Issued by Korps level up. Should always be more than one officer recieving it
Issued by GUTERTOD on 07 Nov 2015
Axis Honor Cross
Awarded to players and officers that show true Axis honor. These players have proven time and time again they are here for the Axis Side. Commitment and dedication is what they are about. Axis HC holds recipients of this medal in the highest regard.
Issued by GUTERTOD on 07 Nov 2015
German Defense Medal
Awarded by General der Truppen Peepers to individuals on October 23, 2005, For exceptional leadership in Defense of the Fatherland.
"When the going got tough these fine leaders got tougher. As Allied forces moved closer and closer to Germany and defeat looked near these are the Officers who grabbed control and pushed the map west. These fine Officers represent the fighting spirit of the Axis forces!"
Issued by GUTERTOD on 07 Nov 2015
Iron Cross 3rd Class (Kriegsmarine Issue)
Awarded to a Kriegsmarine Officer for her/his efforts in game. 3rd Class designation refers to efforts like helping the new players rank up, always helping the other branches, always respectful to others. This award can be issued by Korps level up.
Issued by LAFLEUR on 24 Oct 2017
OCS Badge
This award is presented to all graduates of the IKW OCS School.
Issued by LAFLEUR on 04 Apr 2020
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