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Operation Seelowe

This is for the participants in the capture of England

Operation Seelowe (Organizers)

This is for the organizers of the capture of England.

Campaign 55 Breakout

When allied forces had invaded and pressed us hard with our backs against the wall of our beloved fatherland.the few the bold rose above to lead our axis forces westwards and make the allies pay for knocking on our doorsteps of koln and dusseldorf.

Kampf von Sedan 53

This award goes to all whom participated in the operation during Kampagne 53 that turned the tide and reversed the Allied breakout a few days previous. A total TEAM AXIS effort, without doubt.

Operation Antwerp

May 22 2009 The axis comunity launched a full scale attack on antwerp. in around 4 hours it fell. This award is for those that was fighting in or around antwerp this day during the attack.

Kampf von Sedan

This operation was invisioned by Xl2dylar, Kamiman and Zeta. The operation first commanded by Mynick and finalized be Zeta lead the Axis forces to cut off 2 Allied divisions in the south. Some superb work by the KM in Metz was Key to it's success.

Kampf von Kruezberg

This operation was invisioned by Kamiman and the Key break was appointed by KGW special operation lead by Aj1874. It lead us down a path of victory and regained some of our lost territory within Germany.

Operation Durchbruch

This award issued to all that participated in the breakthrough operation August 28th, during Kampagne 45. This highly successful breakthrough increased the fun factor 10 fold in a long lasting kampagne.

Das Wecken

Awarded by the OKA to all players that contributed in the operation to collapse the Allied lines in Campaign 44. This event is considered to be the awakening of the Axis forces. The levels of teamwork and communication were at the highest levels ever

Operation Schreibtisch Affe

Awarded to the Officers and Soldat who participated in Operation Schreibtisch Affe (Desk Monkey) by Chief of Staff Tuck.

Operation Black Moon

Awarded by Deputy Chief of Staff PTXL on November 06, 2006. "This is the award for the operation Black Moon only. For all the soldaten who participated the operation. Well done, !S."

Defensive Operation: Wacht an der Maas

This medal was awarded by the Commander in Chief Vasquez on March 29, 2004, for, in his words, "Their outstanding effort this campaign and for their moral and determinedness fighting until the end without the merest hint of weakness."

Operation Backhand

This medal was awarded to those who participated in Operation Backhand.

Operation Ironspike

This medal was awarded to those who participated in Operation Ironspike.

Operation Ramrod

This medal was awarded to those who participated in Operation Ramrod.

Adlerklaue XXIII Armeekorps

This medal was awarded to those who participated in Operation Adlerklaue.

Operation Ecken

This medal was awarded for participation in Operation Ecken ending on March 31, 2003.

Operation Euro PRUM

For participants in Euro Operation March 28th, 2010.

Operation US-Prime Schleiden

For participants in US Prime Operation March 28th, 2010.

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